The Benefits of Yoga for Children

The Benefits of Yoga for Children

 Most who are interested in yoga are not looking to take on a yogic lifestyle, and children particularly are not concerned with the underlying principles and fundamentals of the poses and controlled breathing exercises. What speaks more to us on an immediate level are the gains of yoga that include but are not limited to improved flexibility and motor skills, increased concentration, heightened awareness of self, others, and surroundings, lowered stress and better tools for dealing with stressors, improved health on a variety of levels, and less restlessness.  

Now the question comes as to why would one would want to practice yoga, and what could be attained from it. Our world today is extremely developed and astoundingly advanced, from technology to education, globalization and the means to access any information, object or service that we wanted if we had the means and the desire. We have accomplished some incredible feats, but along with this way of life there are certain drawbacks. Stress is becoming something of a national epidemic in America. Our standard of living is quite luxurious if one were to compare our lives to our ancestors, but there are high costs. In order to maintain this comfortable life most people have to work at least forty hours a week for their entire adult lives in high stress jobs at the risk of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. 

Children experience the effects of this world we have created for them, both positive and negative, and they will be the inheritors of what we leave behind for them. The answer as to why practice yoga is a simple one: if there was a time-tested and scientifically observed method of reducing stress, and offering tools for a healthier lifestyle why would you not offer these methods to yourself or to your children?

At our fingertips, literally, are any and all means to better our lives.  Yoga is just one of these tools, and it may not be the right match for everyone, but it does offer an enormous amount of health benefits.  From the book Yoga In Your School by Teressa Asencia, a long list of  reasons for yoga practice is given:

•Develop motor skills and balance

•Create physical and mental strength and flexibility

•Energize body and mind and bring more oxygen to the blood cells and brain

•Release physical and mental tensions that have accumulated while students have been sitting for a long time

•Enhance concentration

•Develop better listening skills

•Improve posture

•Bring students into the present moment

•Exercise the body and balance emotions

•Open the shoulders and chest allowing students to relax and breathe deeper during their classes

•Open the hip joints and prepare the students to sit comfortably

•Teach patience and insight

•Create a calm harmonious classroom


That’s all well and good, you might say, but where is the proof, where is the evidence? Well, stick around because that’s a main focus for this blog. We will be discussing some of the established case studies and peer reviewed articles, as well as the most current research on the effects and benefits of yoga for children. Sign up for our newsletter for the latest posts and news from Tall Tales Yoga. 

Thanks for reading and be well.